Private Lessons

Private Yoga lessons address your individuality within the framework of Yoga.  You learn at your own pace with plenty of room to address questions or concerns in the moment allowing you to progress deeper in your practice of Yoga.  Learn Yoga as it was originally handed down on a one on one basis in the comfort of your own home or office, even outside in nature.  Yoga embraces you where you are…

Fire & Ice Yoga Adventure to Iceland ~Photo credit Tawny ~

A Private Yoga lesson is…

  • Wonderful as an introduction to Yoga–discover the FUNdamentals of Yoga
  • For an experienced student wishing to delve deeper into the practices of Yoga
  • Build a home-based Yoga practice
  • Supportive when you feel overwhelmed by classes with 30 or more students
  • For those curious to explore the other aspects (limbs) of Yoga beyond Asana
  • To aid in rehabilitation when injuries are present



Private Yoga lessons with Danae may meet weekly, bi-monthly, even annually.  Photos are taken to serve as a reference for the student.

Lessons are offered in one’s own home, office, or at a Yoga Studio, even outside in nature.

Please contact Danae to schedule a Private Yoga session or for more information.

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”    Jason Crandell

Yoga @ Work

When you offer your staff the gift of yoga at work, in turn you will receive employees that are more focused at work, operate with a higher sense of team morale, take fewer sick leave and overall are less stressed out.  When employees are less stressed out they are able to perform better at work.  Please contact Danae to schedule Yoga @ Work for your team.

Past Yoga @ Work clients include:

Bank of America, Emergence Capital, Lumity and Moshi