I came to Danae’s early morning class (6:30am MWF) at CHANGE (San Mateo) to find a way to incorporate more activity into my day. What I received was much greater than I could have imagined. Danae’s expertise and patient guidance has helped me embrace and appreciate the subtle and artistic science of mind-body-spirit connection through my practice of yoga. She is the morning cup of espresso with a kick in the butt that I never knew I needed! And her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. Through her instruction, I have found more compassion for my body/mind/spirit by allowing my practice to reflect my present reality without losing sight/hope for the moment when I achieve “completion” (of a pose, state of mind, etc.). Danae is in a word “phenomenal.”  Jessica G.  San Mateo, Ca

Just returned from a phenomenal retreat with Danae.  Yoga Escape from the Urban Grind was just what a stressed out me needed.  The retreat was at the amazing Ratna Ling and Danae created a schedule with loads of yoga as well as down time to read, explore, relax or just be.  There was a good variety of yoga styles including Yin Yoga and, my  personal favorite, Yoga Nidra.  We even had one class outdoors with the gorgeous scenery around us.  And I finally got to try out Danae’s “Shake Your Asana” where dance and yoga collide with some funky beats.  I do not normally dance but she had me moving!
Danae scheduled an optional hike which all of the attending yogis opted in for.   We wandered down to Stump Beach and, after lunch, she led us through a water meditation.  Something different for me!  Danae has opened a lot of new experiences to me.  Looking forward to more in the future including Full Moon Yoga and hopefully another retreat!  Or two!  J. F.  San Francisco, Ca


Danae is so absolutely marvelous for so many reasons. As an instructor she is both educated and professional, in addition to being nurturing, passionate and effervescent.
My boyfriend and myself enjoy welcoming Danae into our home for couples yoga lessons. We look forward to our sessions with Danae where we can absorb her motivation and encouragement and further extend her teaching into our day-to-day lives. Also, Danae’s lessons are accommodating of our changing moods and needs.
She truly is an instructor for any level. From those who’ve never done yoga and can’t touch their toes to those out there ready to meditate on their heads. Simply put, I can’t recommend her enough.  Jamie L.  San Francisco, Ca

Today was my first yoga class and was extremely impressed. The class was small, making it very intimate.  Danae is a great instructor.  she corrected poses when needed, gave alternates to poses (in case you couldn’t fully do a pose), and has a calming presence. I came out of the class feeling calm and rested. Danielle E.  San Francisco, Ca via the Divine Essence Yoga YELP page

I hired Danae to come to New Mexico to lead the yoga portion of a Cowgirl Yoga Retreat, it was better than I could have imagined!! Danae did an outstanding job of individualizing our group practice even though experience & body-comfort wise we were all over the map. A couple beginners to yoga, a participant with a back-injury, another with knee issues, then a few of us who have been practicing for years!  Danae has a lighthearted way of teaching & keeping us laughing through the poses that might otherwise make us cry, and seemed to intuitively know what we needed as a group each day at different times of the day.  I SO appreciate her flexibility & I’m not talking about on the mat either!  I am looking forward to working with Dane again in the future…ohhh maybe a trip to Bali in the fall!?!?  Christina S.  Pecos, New Mexico

This review is for a monthly class called “Shake Your Asana” taught by Danae Robinett.
The location is a little hard to find at first.  It is just off a side street in main shopping district in San Mateo.  It is a little on the small side, but cozy and bright.
The class included a number of yoga poses, free form movements, dance, lying meditation and hugs all around.  Class duration is about an hour and 10 minutes.  It appears that one can use class vouchers to get a good deal on the cost of the class.
Danae is knowledgeable and very encouraging and has a playful spirit.  She provided mats and helped people with cushions who needed extra support.  She played a range of music from techo to gamelon.  In the context of the class it was all very appropriate.
She did not go around making adjustments in students poses like an exercise class which I consider a plus.  Danae made the room a safe and happy place for everyone no matter what there experience level in yoga or mental state that day.
My wife and I loved it and intend to keep coming back.  Highly recommended.  Richard D. Palo Alto, Ca via the Yoga at Change YELP page

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and Danae has been the most fun instructor. My first class with Danae  was a small class and she was very hands on -which I loved, and the best part was everyone giggling all the way thru.  Her knowledge of yoga, Pilates, and dance gave the class a warm fluidity that left my body feeling rejuvenated.  I’ve continued to take classes with Danae as much as possible the last year and each time she brings such joy to movement.  I appreciated how well she communicated and brought my awareness to my breath.  Onyia P.  San Francisco, Ca

Danae is exactly what I look for in a yoga instructor. For me yoga is not only about becoming more physically fit, but there is a definite mind-body connection as well that is equally and maybe even more important. Danae as a person brings that element to the practice. No matter how long you have been practicing, whether for 20 years or as a beginner, she will help take you to the next level while staying within yourself and your capabilities. She will encourage you to try something new and to challenge yourself, but always in a way that is non competitive and in keeping with yogic philosophies. Throughout this last year yoga has helped me become a better person, both physically and mentally. Thank you Danae!  Sharon D.  Phoenix, AZ

I took my first class at Yoga at Change on a foggy Monday morning. A friend suggested the class to me and I’m so glad I went! It’s a new addition to the schedule, so not many people know about it. In fact, the only students in this class were me and my friend.
You know what that means? One-on-one interaction!  Danae was great about taking more time on the poses we weren’t so sure about and made little adjustments here and there on almost every pose. She really personalized the class for us. I will certainly feel more confident practicing in a full class at my regular gym now that I know exactly what each pose *should* look and feel like.  It was a flow class that left me sweating by the end and I definitely felt like I got a workout — which is what I was going for. I’m even sore in all the right places today. I’ll definitely be back! Molly S.  San Mateo, Ca via the Yoga at Change YELP page

Danae truly helped take my yoga practice to the next level. I had been going to a “big box” class at a large chain gym when I was introduced to her small format class at Yoga at Change. While I knew the poses and asanas going in, I had never had an instructor who was committed to helping me perform them with correct form and push me to try new things. Danae really personalizes the class to each individual, taking into account your fitness level, any physical injuries, or perhaps mental roadblocks.
I finally talked my husband into attending her class over Christmas break. He, too, got immediate benefits from the class and signed up for the 3-class pass to continue his learning. She is a great resource for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.
Here’s a blog post I wrote about my yoga practice and how Danae has specifically helped: http://molly-sweeney.com…  Molly S.  San Mateo, CA

Read more on Yelp:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/bella-yogini-san-francisco