dōTERRA Essential Oils




 What are essential oils??

  • Nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells!
  • Natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers & other parts of plants.
  • Highly concentrated (50 to70 times more powerful than herbs) for example, 1 drop of dōTERRA peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea

 Why did I choose dōTERRA??

dōTERRA came to me right when I needed the most support, it was the beginning of July and I had already lost 1 long-standing teaching job (the yoga studio closed after 16 years) AND then BAM, another one of my long-standing yoga @ work clients decided to no longer offer yoga to their employees.  Immediately, I was thrown a financial curve ball and I thought, NOW WHAT???

Facing unanticipated financial hardship…I took a very deep breath!

If you know me, you know I am resilient to the core, that I am a go-getter, a hustler (in the most positive sense of the word).  “Good things happen to those who hustle.”  Anaïs Nin  

I reached out to one of my yoga student friends, Chef Hillary, I recalled she cooked with essential oils and I wanted to know more.  She connected me Elaine, who I fondly refer to as my Essential Oil Guru, she is incredibly kind and supportive.  We met and she listened to me.  I inquired about the business of essential oils and spoke honestly about my “financial curve ball”. I immediately went forward with the business, but that need not be your path to dōTERRA, in fact you may discover you simply enjoy using the oils and thats it.  Pure & simple.   I am so grateful to both Chef Hillary and Elaine for introducing me to dōTERRA.  And I invite you to experience the difference of dōTERRA.  

There are 3 ways to experience essential oils.


Use a diffuser or simply add a drop of essential oil to the palms of your hands, rub together then place the palms of your hands over the mouth & nose. Inhale deeply, Exhale completely.  Be certain to wash your hands after and avoid touching any sensitive areas (the eyes, the ears, your privates) with your hands that might have EO on them.


Rub essential oil on any affected area, like the chest or low back.  Some oils may require the use of a carrier oil.


Yes, some dōTERRA essential oils can be used internally.  Read the bottle for the supplement facts indicating it is safe to use internally.  Add a drop of dōTERRA lemon in a glass of water to enhance the flavor and cleanse the digestive system.  And yes you can even cook with dōTERRA EO’s, just like my yoga student friend, Chef Hillary.  Lavender infused hummus anyone???

May I share with you three ways to get started?


First route, is RETAIL.

This is your best bet if you are only going to purchase ONE single essential oil in your whole life, WHY?  Simple, retail costs more money…

With a Retail Account you will receive:

  • Regular retail pricing
  • No opportunity to earn the FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Full price shipping

Visit my website and click SHOP, feel free to click the CONTACT US button so that I may assist you with any questions you might have.

Second way, is to sign up for a Wholesale Membership.

Visit my website select JOIN & SAVE, feel free to click the CONTACT US button so that I may assist you with any questions you might have.

WHY?  With a Wholesale Membership, you will receive:

  • 25% off retail price
  • Wholesale Membership is good for 1 year, cost is $35.00
  • No obligation to purchase or sell
  • LRP Loyalty Rewards Program
  • A chance to earn the FREE Product of the Month (POM)
  • Discounted or FREE shipping options
  • The ability to earn income if you choose to share products with friends and family
  • Education, Support & Access to Team Resources (Team Tealtini Essentials)

Third way, is to sign up with an Enrollment Kit.

WHY?  With an Enrollment Kit, you will receive:

  • Wholesale membership for the year is waived
  • Enrollment kits are priced at lower than wholesale = save more $$$ honey
  • PLUS all the above with the Wholesale Membership

Now there are many different Enrollment Kits to serve a number of different health concerns and budgets.  Please reach out to me via the contact page here I want to assist you in choosing the very best kit for you.

To your radiant health and vitality!!