Essential Oils

Yoga lovelies, I recall one of my first memories with essential oils at 19 during my first professional massage, the scent of lavender permeating the space.  This is a very strong memory simply because of how it made me feel–calm, peaceful and smooth like butter.





I have enjoyed essential oils for my personal use: peppermint oil rubbed on my belly to ease digestive stress or lavender oil in a restorative yoga class.

Most recently, I have been learning a whole lot more about the tremendous value of essential oils; after-all they are the defending force for the plants!  What I love about essential oils: natural, plant-based medicine, easy to use, portable (I carry it with me in my purse), real results: 1 oil can address multiple concerns, oh and essential oils smell amazing!!!!
Natural solutions are key for good health, wellness and vitality.

If you already use essential oils, let us connect & share ideas.
If you want to learn more about how essential oils can benefit you, including your home, let us connect…


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